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Central California Fishing Piers

Monterey Municipal Wharf #2

The wharf’s recreational fishing landings date back more than a half century. Chris’ Fishing Trips was established in the ‘40 by Captain Chris Arcoleo and offers the boats Caroline, Tornado, Check Mate, Star of Monterey and New Holiday. Randy’s Fishing Trips dates back to 1949 when family member Salvatore (Randy) Randazzo began the operation. Randy’s offers the Chubasco, and Sur Randy. Once limited to fishing trips, both landings now offer whale watching expeditions (mostly in the wintertime) and even occasionally pinniped and sea otter viewing expeditions. Given today’s changing attitudes and prices, it simply shows that you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to stay in business.

Wharf No. 2 doesn’t get the attention of its older sister to the south but continues to be the home to commercial fishing boats as well as recreational anglers. The wharf itself remains much as it was back when first built with the exception of the marina and sea wall that extend from Wharf #2 towards Fisherman’s Wharf. Both were constructed in the late 50s after the citizens voiced demand for a small craft harbor. When opened in 1960 the marina was able to provide 367 well protected berths.

The construction did cut off the angling from that section of Wharf #2 but it seemed a fair tradeoff for recreational fishermen. In addition, money from the Wildlife Conservation Board helped fund an extension to the wharf in the early ‘60s that guaranteed additional access to anglers. A $5 million reconstruction of the marina took place in 1996 that added new concrete docks and a handicapped accessible ramp.

Monterey Wharf No. 2 Facts

Hours: Open 24 hours a day.

Facilities: Few! There is limited parking on the wharf—$1.50 an hour or $10.00 all day; additional parking is found at lots near the front of the wharf. Parking is required from 9AM to 9PM and you can pay by cash or credit card at the Pay Station ticket dispensers. There are a few lights but no benches. There are restrooms on the wharf (out at the end). The Monterey Fish Co is on the end of Wharf #2 and you can buy fresh fish (and sometimes abalone!). Two restaurants are located on the wharf. LouLou’s is located mid-pier and offers up breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s open 7:30AM-8:30PM but closed Tuesdays. A wide variety of good food is offered. The more upscale Sandbar & The Grill is found midway out (and under) the wharf and is open for lunch and dinner. It features good chowder, sanddabs, and crab when available.

Handicapped Facilities: Handicapped parking (one space) but non-handicapped restrooms. The pier surface is wood planking with a rail height of 43 inches; an 8-inch curb runs along the entire length of the pier but has cutouts making access available. Not posted for handicapped.

Location: 36.60416°N 121.8928°W.

How To Get There: From Highway 1 take the central Monterey exit and follow Del Monte Avenue to Figueroa Street, turn left and follow to the wharf.

Management: City of Monterey.


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