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Fishing Piers Northern California

Spud Point Marina Pier — Bodega Bay

Date: March 23, 2003; To: PFIC Message Board; From: DSRTEGL; Subject: Bodega Bay — P.U. What is that Horrible Smell

Whoops, that’s me, sorry. CAN YOU SAY SKUNK! Got to the Bay at low tide and dug a little bait. Yes, I said dug, the pump wasn’t working. After making bait I headed to Spud Point pier/jetty/breakwater to try for perch. LARGE schools of Rubberlip and other perch, with several 24″+ STRIPED BASS mixed in holding right under the pier. Yes, they were striped bass, I have a degree in fisheries from Humboldt State for crying out loud, don’t tell me I am seeing things like others tried to do. Some of the rubberlips were major slabs, BUT NO BITES.

Tried frozen grass shrimp- ZIP; Tried fresh ghost shrimp- ZILCH; Tried small crabs- NADA; Tried store shrimp- goose egg; hi/lo rigs

Saw a few crabs caught, a couple of smelt and one striped perch and that is it for everyone. You would watch these huge perch swim up to your bait, look at it, and then swim away. Perch were in shallow water, and water clarity was good. Oh well, first skunk of the year.

Date: April 2, 2003; To: PFIC Message Board; From: eelmaster; Subject: Re: Spud Point Pier — From PFIC, Vol. 2

Ken, you mention that you were looking for flat fish off that pier. Were you looking for them because you had heard they are there? Or were you just going off what the area looked like it might hold? Many o’ times, rockhopper and myself have mentioned that their must be hallies around  there, but have never seen them. what’s you opinion? monte

Posted by: Ken Jones

Monte, It’s based  on reports I have read and what it looks like to me.

Date: December 14, 2003; To: FIC Message Board: From: eelmaster; Subject: (In reply to: Spud Point – Bodega Bay, your thoughts? posted by ltolentino on Dec-14-03)

It can be good or it can be dead. I used to crab there quite a bit, but there is no fish off the pier so I started crabbing with nets off The Tides or with a snare off the jetty.  Monte, Suport the UPSAC

Date: January 30, 2004; To: PFIC Message Board: From: will_fish; Subject: Spud point

Went to Spud Point marina for some crabs Thursday the 29th. High tide was 6pm so we got there around 3 and fished til 8. As we got closer to peak tide, we started getting a lot of crab action. We probably got 15 dungees all about a half inch short of legal. The highlight was the huge Rock Crabs we were catching at the very end of the pier.We got six of em, all in the 6 inch range. For bait we used Squid and about a dozen of Rockin’ Robins Herring from Baker trip last week. Crabs love em’. I’m still trying to get that herring smell off of my hands. LOL. We were out for Dungees so all crabs were released

Date: March 6, 2004; To: PFIC Message Board; From: Rock Hopper; Subject: (In reply to: Spud Point Pier posted by pierpercher on Mar-6-04)

Tough Pier to Catch Fish On! Although I have seen some monster red tail perch taken from there. Best bet for perch from there would be to use grass or ghost shrimp near the beginning of the pier — before the turn.

To catch fish you’re much better off fishing from the jetty at Doran Park, or if you’re up to the hike you can fish the free jetty near Bodega Head.

I’ve caught monkeyface eels, leopard sharks, bat rays, round stingrays, thornback rays, striped perch, black perch, shiner perch, silver surf perch, lingcod, cabezone, blue rockfish, black rockfish, black and yellow rockfish, grass rockfish, copper rockfish, rock greenling, kelp greenling, smelt, and a few different sculpins from those jettys. (Monte, did I miss anything?)

Do a search for Bodega Bay, Doran Park, Doran Jetty, Head Jetty, Tides Wharf, Campbell Cove, or Bodega Head and you’ll find ALMOST all the info you could ever want to fish Bodega Bay!

Welcome to the Board! I fish the Bodega Bay area about three times a week!  Röc´K HòppéR – Thë J?††? Jùnk‡  Proud supporter of UPSAC!

Date: July 20, 2004; To: PFIC Message Board; From: OC; Subject: Crummy crabbing @ Tides Wharf & Spud Point Pier

I usually do very well at Tides Wharf going for red rock crabs. For some reason, crabbing was really poor. Managed only one keeper. Tried my luck at Spud Point Pier. Only got two keeper crabs. Lots of other people trying to crab at Spud Point Pier too, some managed better. Perhaps the area got cleaned out by summer campers in Bodega? Over fished? None of the usual jack smelt were at Tides Wharf. Saw two guys with big fishing poles at the end of Tides Wharf around 2am. think they were going after rays and sharks. they said they got skunked too. Summer – not a good time for the Bodega area? Crabbed Saturday 7/17 Spud Point Pier, 10 to 12 noon; Bait squid, salmon head and guts; Two hoop nets.  OC

Date: October 12, 2004; To: PFIC Messssage Board; From: eelmaster; Subject: Spud Point

Spud point can offer some decent crabbing on occasion as can Doran. It can also be REALLY slow. However, if you have a license, Tides Wharf has some of the best crabbing anywhere that I have been. It doesn’t have the Dungies that one can snare from the Doran jetty or hoop at the Spud Point Pier, but it has HUGE red crabs. Let me know if you ever head out. I haven’t dropped any nets in about a year. BTW I see you only have four posts and yet knew I’m a Bodega man…… been lurking for a while? Just curious. Monte, Go A’s!!!  “I’ll have the shark butt with butt sauce please” Bart Simpson

Spud Point Marina Pier Facts

 Hours: Open 24 hours although posted signs say no overnight parking.

Facilities: Little with the exception of a wider fishing platform midway out on the breakwater, and free parking which is adjacent to the breakwater along West Shore Rd.

Handicapped Facilities: None. The pier’s surface is concrete and the pier’s railing is approximately 40 inches high.

How To Get There: Take East Shore Rd. off of Hwy. 1 to Bay Flat Rd. Turn right and follow until the road turns into West Shore Rd. Continue on past the marina until you see the breakwater.

Management: Sonoma County.

8 Responses

  1. I would like to get a group together to fix this wonderful place. 

  2. Any updates on if it will be open again? We love this place and cant wait to go back!!!

  3. We’re planning a potential crabbing trip at the end of January 2019, any idea if the per is back open yet? We could always go to the jetty too though.

  4. I called the local ranger station. Repairs are scheduled to begin next week (week of April 22, 2019) and are estimated to take 1 to 2 months.

    When it was first closed last year, I observed gaps in the corroded hand railings due to recent storm action. It looked hazardous.

  5. Any up dtes or number i can call to see if the pier is open or when it will be. Thanks

  6. Was there last week, still fixing the railings.

  7. On August 9, there was a sign that says “DANGER, CONSTRUCTION AREA, KEEP OUT”. And beyond that, “NO TRESPASSING, Citations will be issued” and nothing about when the repairs will be finished.

  8. The pier has reopened. All the old railing has been removed and replaced with new. The two fishing platforms have new decking as well.

    Rather than welding the railings, a connector system was used. The installation is very well done.

    I went fishing there today (Oct 17, 2019). All fish except for one juvenile jacksmelt forgot to show up. He was turned away for future growth.

    It’s good to be back.

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