Last modified: August 6, 2018

Fishing Piers Southern California

Aliso Beach Pier — Laguna Beach — Gone But Not Forgotten

The pier was damaged by the El Niño storms of ‘83 that necessitated repair, and then, in 1986, damage from new storms, coupled with corrosion of its steel reinforcements, caused longitudinal cracks that led to the closing of the diamond shaped end and new repairs. Damage from storms in 1988 once again necessitated repair to the pier’s structure. The nearly half million dollar repairs included the reinforcement of the end section of the pier and coating with an epoxy-cement mix designed to be longer lasting than normal cement.

It obviously wasn’t enough considering the damage done to the pier in the spring of 1998 and subsequent decision to tear down the pier. Although the county said it might redo the parking lot, build a few more volleyball courts, or perhaps let a restaurant be built on the site, none will give the recreational opportunity and magic to the area that was provided by the pier.

Why the name Aliso Beach? Aliso is the Spanish name for alder trees, which are found along the adjacent Aliso Creek.



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