Pier Fishing in California

The Complete Coast and Bay Guide to Shore-Based Fishing

Thursday - July 19, 2018
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The End of the Line

A comic strip by Eva Nielson and Billy Burns

Goleta Pier

Goleta Pier

On one visit to this pier, I casually mentioned to a fellow angler that I considered this one of the best piers in California. He nodded in agreement, said he had recently moved from the Los Angeles area, and mentioned that he had never seen the consistent action he had gotten at Goleta. Usually something is biting at this pier and, more often than not, there is an opportunity to catch good quality fish such as halibut, corbina, bass and rockfish not to mention some large sharks and rays. My own records show over seventeen fish per trip and more than thirty different species. When combined with easy access and good facilities, there is every reason to include it in a list of the state's best piers. (more)

Balboa Pier

Piers are one of the most romantic spots on earth! If you don't believe me, tag along on a visit to Balboa Pier on almost any summer night. By 10 p.m., darkness has enveloped the pier. But while most fishermen have returned home, life continues on the pier. A slight breeze ruffles the flags, fires burn along the beach, and couples continue to stroll, hand in hand, out to the end of the pier where they might just sneak a quick kiss or two. Such behavior is expected. At the end of the pier, the red neon lights of Ruby's Diner light the sky, calling like a beacon to the lovers of the night. (more)