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Fishing Piers Northern California

Tides Wharf — Bodega Bay

Al Ritteman at the Tides Wharf says that anglers are scoring at will on several species of perch and rubberlips, which began to arrive last week, are beginning their annual spring spawning runs. Al says that this action usually lasts at least until May and sometimes even keeps going until early summer.

The top bait currently being used is shrimp in one form or another. At Bodega Bay anglers also use the little soft shell crabs that can be harvested at low tides right below the dock where the best fishing takes place. They string the shrimp or crabs on a No. 2 hook and most fishermen working the pier use a standard two hook rig with the weight at the bottom.

—Jim Freeman, Outdoors dateline, Fremont Argus, February 23, 1970

<*}}}}}}}}}>< — This is a private wharf that is primarily used for commercial fishing operations; it doesn’t have to allow anglers the right to fish. Stay out of the way, clean up after yourself, and do purchase bait or food at the wharf when possible. This should help to keep the wharfs open for other anglers.

History Note. Bodega Bay is named for Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra, the Spanish explorer and captain of the schooner “Sonora” who entered the bay on October 3, 1775. His map called the bay Pto y Rio del Capitan Vodega that later became Puerto de la Bodega. Russians who used the bay in the early 1800s at first called it Romanzov and then, by the 1830s, Hafen Bodega oder Port Romanzov. It has been called Bodega Bay since 1850.

Although there are no oceanfront piers in Sonoma County, there were a number of oceanfront wharfs and chutes built back in the 1800s. Ports included those at Duncan’s Landing, Fort Ross Cove, Salt Point Landing, Stewarts Point, Del Mar Landing and the Gualala River.

Tide’s Wharf Facts

 Hours: Open 24 hours.

 Facilities: Restrooms on the wharf (although these may be closed at night), free parking adjacent to the wharf, food is available at the Tides Wharf Restaurant and at the snack bar, bait and tackle is available on the wharf in the fresh fish market (open most nights to ten). No benches, fish cleaning stations, or lights are on the wharf.

Handicapped Facilities: Handicapped parking near the entrance to the restaurant and handicapped restroom facilities. No railings.

How To Get There: Take Highway 1 to Bodega Bay, the wharf is at the south end of town; the parking lots fronts onto the highway.

Management: Both are privately owned and managed.

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