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Fishing Piers San Francisco Bay Area

South Beach Harbor Marina Pier — San Francisco

<*}}}}}}}}}>< Times have really changed, as has this area. Old pictures, taken back in the 1850s and ’60s, show South Beach as the home of numerous ship builders and show a shoreline ravaged by these same builders. Long “greaseways” extended down from the shoreline into the water (which allowed boats to be dragged out of the water for cleaning and repair); the beach itself was reminiscent of some of the pictures of European beaches in World War II, beaches that had suffered hit after hit from offshore shelling. China Basin itself was the home of the “China Clipper” sailing ships back in the 1860s.

<*}}}}}}}}}>< — Special Bay Area Regulations:

  • A perch closure exits in San Francisco and San Pablo Bay from April 1 to July 31. No perch may be kept other than shinerperch (20).
  • In San Francisco and San Pablo Bay a fishing line may not contain more than three hooks.

Sturgeon Regulations:

  • A sturgeon report card and tags are required for anyone fishing for or taking sturgeon. (a) The card must be in the angler’s possession; (b) a tag must be used for any sturgeon retained by the angler; (c) the angler must record information on the Sturgeon Report Card immediately after catching and   keeping or releasing the sturgeon.
  • White sturgeon can only be kept from 40-60 inches; larger and smaller sturgeon must be released.
  • Green sturgeon may not be taken or possessed.

 South Beach Harbor Marina Pier Facts

 Hours: Open 24 hours.

Facilities: Benches and one fish cleaning station are on the pier. There are no lights. At the foot of the pier is an attractive picnic area complete with small tables, benches and trees—and of course PacBell Park. Adjacent to the front of the pier are restrooms. To reach the pier you go through the South Beach Harbor Marina parking lot, but no public parking is allowed in the parking lot (entered via a gate from 2nd. Street next to the ballpark). There are some free public parking spaces at the front of Pier 40/South Beach Harbor just north of The Java House Restaurant (enter via Townsend Street). There are other metered parking spaces across the Embarcadero on Townsend Street.

 Handicapped Facilities: The pier surface is concrete and the railing is approximately 42 inches high; the pier is well suited for handicapped anglers. In addition, the nearby restrooms are marked for the handicapped.

 How To Get There: From the Bay Bridge (I80) heading into San Francisco take the Embarcadero exit and then turn right on the Embarcadero to the pier. From south on Highway 101 take exits marked for Fisherman’s Wharf (First Street). This will take you to The Embarcadero. Once on the Embarcadero turn right and follow it all the way until you see Pacific Bell Park. The marina sits just north of the ballpark and the pier is located behind the marina parking lot. A left turn on Townsend will take you into a small parking lot that has some spaces available for the public, a right turn on Townsend will offer a few metered parking spaces. Coming up the Embarcadero from the south turn into the parking lot at Townsend Street (just past The Java House restaurant).

 Management: Port of San Francisco.

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