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Fishing Piers Southern California

Port Hueneme Pier 

The city of Port Hueneme itself may be best known today as the headquarters for the USNCBC, home of the Navy’s “Pacific Seabees.”

Port Hueneme Pier Facts

Hours: Open 24 hours a day.
Facilities: There are lights, benches, and fish-cleaning stations on the pier. Restrooms and a snack shop, “Andy’s Surfside Seafood” (that also carries a little bait), is found near the entrance to the pier. The parking lot is located near the front of the pier; the cost is $2.00 per hour or $8.00 for the all-day permit.
Handicapped Facilities: Handicapped parking and restrooms. The pier surface is wood and the rail height is 42 inches. Posted for handicapped.
How To Get There: From Highway 1 take Hueneme Rd. west until it turns into Port. At Ventura Rd turn left and follow it to Surfside Dr. Turn left again and follow it to the park.
Management: City of Port Hueneme — Public Works Department.

2 Responses

  1. Having lived in Port Hueneme for over 20 years and having been a pier rat nearly the whole time I will say that this pier is one of the worst piers in southern CA when it comes to the fishing. Everything from the dumping of dredge spoils directly upcurrent from the pier every 2 years to the excessive winds and frequent high surf and rip currents seem to conspire against having a successful fishing trip here, even the White Croaker disappeared years ago so its basically a “catch nothing at all” pier on a majority of days. It can be a good pier for Mackerel and Sardines when the schools show up, the crabbing can also be good here from about Feb. to May , and its also a good pier for big Bat Rays, but basically don’t get your hopes up when visiting this pier. The lack of fish pretty much keeps the crowds away though and on more days than not I’ve been the only guy fishing out there, so there is at least one positive about the place I suppose.

  2. Does anyone know what year the Port Hueneme Beach was closed and why?

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