Last modified: August 6, 2018

Fishing Piers Southern California

Isthmus Pier — Two Harbors, Catalina Island — Gone But Not Forgotten

Handicapped Facilities: Handicapped restroom facilities near the front of the pier; railings are 42 inches high. 

How To Get There: Ferries generally make the 23-mile trip to Two Harbors at least twice a day from San Pedro, sometimes more during the summer. Check the ferry schedule carefully since some trips are direct whereas other may also make a stop at Avalon

Management: Two Harbors Harbor Department.


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  1. The pier has since been closed for fishing. There are “no fishing” signs posted on the pier, and they have been screwed in pretty securely, so its probably permanent.

  2. Thanks for the information although it’s bad news. I imagine anglers may have interfered too much with the boating (which rules Two Harbors). I guess I will not be spending a couple of days at Two Harbors this winter as I had hoped to do.

  3. Thanks for the update although it’s bad news. Guess I will need to revise the article and forget about revisiting Two Harbors as I had planned.

  4. You should have tried to beach that ocean whitefish. They are excellent eating fish.

  5. Well yes, I’ve caught hundreds of whitefish and they are good eating. As for the fish lost it’s simply one of those things that happen, I thought I could get it up and couldn’t. Given where I was at on the float and the pilings and structures between my spot and the shoreline the option of beaching it didn’t seem good.

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