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Fishing Piers San Francisco Bay Area

Port View Park Pier — Oakland

But amusing experiences sometimes took place when one of the big fish became so hooked. The Dogwatch remembers once how he and a couple of friends had gone after sturgeons and managed to hook a big one. This fish was a fighter and instead of being in after tiring itself out by battling the oilcan, it seemed to grow stronger. Then it took off down the face of the wharf towing the buoy with it. At the time the wharf was lined with a large number of grownup fishermen not at all interested in sturgeon. As the big fish and its can came tearing along there was a general tangling of lines many of which were whipped into the Bay and lost. During the ensuing snarl-up the Dogwatch and his companions laid down their lines and made a fast sneak away from the Long Wharf. If they hadn’t they would have been tossed into the Bay wit h their sturgeon by the irate fishermen on the dock.

—Frank Kester, Oakland Tribune, March 17, 1940

<*}}}}}}}}}>< Special Bay Area Regulations: 

  • A perch closure exits in San Francisco and San Pablo Bay from April 1 to July 31. No perch may be kept other than shinerperch (20).
  • In San Francisco and San Pablo Bay a fishing line may not contain more than three hooks.

Sturgeon Regulations:

  • A sturgeon report card and tags are required for anyone fishing for or taking sturgeon. (a) The card must be in the angler’s possession; (b) a tag must be used for any sturgeon retained by the angler; (c) the angler must record information on the Sturgeon Report Card immediately after catching and   keeping or releasing the sturgeon.
  • White sturgeon can only be kept from 40-60 inches; larger and smaller sturgeon must be released.
  • Green sturgeon may not be taken or possessed.

Port View Park Pier Facts

Hours: Supposedly sunrise to 10 PM although some sources say open 24 hours a day.
Facilities: Free parking, restrooms, picnic tables, drinking fountains, a playground, and a snack bar with some bait and tackle are all located near the entrance to the park. Benches, lights, fish cutting boards (bravo!) and a fish cleaning station are found on the pier. Additional restrooms and drinking fountains are located adjacent to the pier.
Handicapped Facilities: Handicapped parking and restrooms. The deck of the pier is wood and somewhat dangerous for wheelchairs and the pier railing is 44 inches high.
How To Get There: Located at the end of 7th Street in Oakland. From San Francisco leave Interstate 80 at the West Grand Avenue exit, soon you will see the Harbor Terminals exit, go south on Maritime Street till you hit Seventh Street, turn right and follow the street to the park and pier. From Interstate 880 take the Eighth Street exit and go west to Peralta, turn left on Peralta and then right onto Seventh Street; follow it to the park and pier.
Management: Port of Oakland.

2 Responses

  1. Ken, the gate to the pier says dawn to dusk on the signed mounted on the left side of the gate (as you are entering it). Upon leaving, the sliding gate my be closed if you exit after sunset. Then you can open the door and let yourself out.
    The sign at the parking lot reads park curfew 10pm-5am and surveillance camera. 
    So, you cannot fish the pier 24 hours like years back not drive up to it as in years past. The parking lot area requires a license and 1 pole according to enforcement.
    Note Ken, as said, the massive dredging has had an adverse effect on the fishing from what it was. I will also note that I have done as well, better for adult leopard shark during the day there (when I fished for them). That was 10 years ago and the fishing is not like that at all anymore. That was parking lot area and pier on midshipmans.

  2. Fishing sucks there. When I was a kid it was the best. Now I’m in my forties and the fish are gone.

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