Last modified: October 8, 2018

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  1. Regarding the Santa Cruz _ Old wharf_Fish_1912 photo: The picture was actually taken in 1910. The weighmaster was a relative of my wife’s. He was a great Uncle.
    Her family name is Trafton, the Traftons settled Watsonville (The large gentleman with the white shirt and vest leaning on the scale). Her family settled in Watsonville shortly after the Mexican American War of 1848. There is a Trafton road near the Pajaro river bridge that is named after them. I have a large copy of this print in black/white framed in my living room. It is an old print from the original negative however and it is fading. I’d like to inquire for how I could get a fresh print if you know who has the negative for this image. Please let us know, thank you. Ken and Barbara (Trafton) McFarland

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