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Fishing Piers Southern California

Green Pleasure Pier — Avalon, Catalina Island

For many years Wrigley who owned much of the Island also owned the Chicago Cubs and they trained each spring at Catalina. One affect was a change to the Pleasure Pier:

A new 40-foot flagpole has been erected on the pleasure pier for the WIN and LOSE flags for the benefit of Chicago Cubs baseball followers. The usual flags will be displayed, but much larger than before. Little Dave Harris will still be in charge. A baseball team will visit Avalon every week, during the summer season, playing on the Cubs’ training field. Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning games will thrill all fans of this real American game.

Catalina Islander, May 11, 1939

Catalina—The Catalina Islands are composed of Santa Catalina, San Clement, and San Nicholas, running offshore in the order named. Catalina Island is always spoken of with reverence by members of the salt-water fishing fraternity—as indeed it should be, for this is the birthplace of salt water angling.

Near the east end of Catalina and facing the mainland twenty-two miles south of San Pedro—the seaport of Los Angeles—lies Avalon, the home of the Catalina Tuna Club. While Catalina Island was the birthplace of big-game fishing, the Catalina Tuna Club was the cradle in which the newborn baby was nursed by some of the greatest sportsmen and fishermen who ever lived.

From 1898 until the late twenties Avalon was a fishing town where anglers from all over the world congregated to try their luck with blue- and yellow-fin tuna, striped marlin, broadbill swordfish, dolphin, yellowtail, and black sea bass.

Those were the days before so many fishing places had been developed in other parts of the globe and when there was very little offshore fishing along the Atlantic Coast. Today Catalina waters are fished not only by California’s devotees of the sport but by numerous others who come from miles away to try the angling off this salt-water shrine.

S. Kip Farrington Jr., Pacific Game Fishing, 1942

                                                Green Pleasure Pier Facts

 Hours: The pier is open 24 hours a day.

Facilities: Rental tackle is available on the pier at the Avalon Boat Stand and Joe’s Rent-A-Boat (although much of what they have is geared to boat fishing). Unfortunately both are often closed during the off season months. Some tackle is available at the High Tide Traders on Crescent Avenue near the front of the pier. Bait is sometimes available from Rosie’s Fish Market at the end of the pier and at Joe’s Rent-A-Boat (but again, both are often closed). Bait, mainly shrimp, is available at the Vons grocery store in Avalon. Fish-cleaning stations are non-existent, but lights and restrooms are available on the pier. There’s no parking but you do not need it since all hotels are within walking distance of the pier. Two snack bars are located on the pier.

Handicapped Facilities: Handicapped restroom facilities; railings are 42 inches high.

Location: 34.14066900185003 N. Latitude, 119.19479370117188W. Longitude

How To Get There: The trick here is to get to Catalina. Ships and helicopters make the journey several times a day from the Port of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Newport Beach and Dana Point Harbor. Information is available on all of these by calling the Avalon Chamber of Commerce on the Pleasure Pier (213) 510-1520 or the Visitor’s Information & Service Center (213) 510-2500. Once in Avalon there should be no problem in finding the pier, which is located at the foot of Catalina Avenue.

Management: City of Avalon.


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