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>> 7-4-06 haliper fishing late report [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 10:08 pm

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My friends took me out on his boat again the morning of the fourth along with the in-law. We started fishing the flats a little again with no results. Then headed out to alcatraz and saw many partyboats and private boaters and a couple of hookups as we drew near. Feeling this would be a good spot for some fast action, we started to drift toward the island. First hookup was a 4 ft smoothound. Then I get a hit (had a 1/0 octopus with a size 1 treble trailer) and it takes out drag, and lots of headshakes. About a minute later, the I don't feel the fish and find out that the line to the stinger broke off during the fight. Darn, felt like a nice sized striper. A couple more sharks from my buddy later, we see 1 halibut pulled up by a nearby boater. Then, I get a quick tap, then a pull and I yanked for the hills. Bendo!!! Nice sized fish on the other end. a few small headshakes and the rest was just pulling in dead weight. After about 10 mins of pulling, up comes a 13 lb halibut. Didn't even put up a fight until it was already in the boat for 5 mins, then it flopped violently for the next couple of minutes. Nothing else after that and we headed to tiburon, paradise area for some striper action. Only got a lot of small halibut in the hr or so we were there. We then tracked back to around the alameda rockwall for more action. got some more small hali's and my friend's in-law gets a nice hit with some drag pulling action. after a few quick runs, we see it's a large striper. took about 15 mins to get that thing in. Weighed in at about 10 lbs. Saw some people working the rockwall for not much. All in all, a pretty good day.

I need to work on that six pack. Maybe weightlifting some halipers will do the trick.
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