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Fishing Piers Southern California

Redondo Beach Pier

Did You Know? Every pier deserves to have its own brew — right? Here it is the “Redondo Beach Pier Pale Ale” brewed by the Redondo Beach Brewing Company. Unfortunately, on-line beer connoisseurs only seem to give it about a 3 out of 5 rating, not bad but also not that great.

Did You Know? The Redondo Beach Pier was used as a primary filming location for the TV series, The O.C., as a location for the TV series, Riptide from 1984–1986, as a location in Big Momma’s House 2, and as a location in the remake of the show 90210 with Trevor Donovan.

Redondo Beach Municipal Pier Facts

 Hours: Open 24 hours.

Facilities: Lights, benches, restrooms, fish cleaning station, snack bars, and a bait and tackle shop are all located on the pier. There is a huge parking lot with rates of $.50 an hour with a $2 maximum. At last count 32 different concessions were located on the pier.

Handicapped facilities: No handicapped parking. The Monstad Pier is wheelchair accessible with a fishing platform at the seaward end. The railing is 44 inches high and there are several handicapped accessible restrooms on the pier. Not posted for handicapped.

Location: 33.83888377189932N. Latitude, 118.39205145835876 W. Longitude.

How To Get There: From the Pacific Coast Highway, take Torrance Blvd. west to the foot of the pier and the parking lot.

Management: City of Redondo Beach/Redondo Beach Harbor Department.











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  1. Who thought of making peir bridge drop fishing net

  2. Now, how can we stop fishermen from OVERHEAD CASTING? YES, there are the signs, but on my, almost daily
    Walks, I see people violating the overcasting rule

  3. I wish I knew the answer to that. Been trying to teach people not to do that for over 30 years but there’s still a lot of knuckleheads out there.


  4. The Bounty , the Polynesia. Horse shoe. Beach. Diving. For. Change.

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