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Visiting from "New Jersey " third casted what a thrill catch of a life time...….met great people that helped land this 38in sturgeon ...THANK YOU !!
Hi I’m long time southern California fisherman with special like of halibut and want to give a heads up last weekend 4/8/19 the area I fish we landed 3 shorts up to 19 anyway it look like the halibut are moving into the shallow you might want to try your spots this weekend. Away just wanted to say hi and tight lines.
Sin Coast, I forgot to contact you. Just curious if the trigger fish and sand bass you mentioned had been taken from the wharf?
Sin Coast
Sin Coast
They weren’t caught from the wharf. But the finescale triggerfish have been caught or speared within a half-mile of wharf 2 (I know of at least 6 caught recently). Same with the one spotted sand bass—it was almost casting distance from the wharf. The triggerfish pop up every few years but the sand bass is a very rare sighting.
hi there, i've got an issue which you may be able to help. I posted about iton the message board. it is about the city of san clemente locking the bathrooms at 9pm. please read my post & let me know what you think.
I just noticed this message. I agree that closing bathrooms early presents a problem. Especially for kids and ladies.