The Ocean Beach Pier and a request — June 10

Ken Jones

Staff member

As previously reported, the Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego is closed from winter storm damage. Although I had thought it might be reopened amidst the "new pier" plans it's not going to happen. The decision to rebuild the Ocean Beach Pier was approved by the City of San Diego and the long process needed before all the decisions are in place has started. I have been asked to represent the "sport fishing community" at the meetings and though I have considerable thought and input, I also would like to hear from as many San Diego anglers as possible (or really anyone who has ideas on how to make a new Ocean Beach Pier an even better pier).

You can post ideas here or send me an email —

In addition, they are going to have a meeting on June 10 in Point Loma and they hope to get as much feedback as possible from anglers. I have scheduled myself to be down there for a few days and plan to attend the Saturday meeting as well as shoot a new YouTube video on Sunday, possibly at the Embarcadero Marina Pier. Would love to see people both Saturday and Sunday.

More details to follow.