Seven kinds of anglers...? Which type are you?

Ken Jones

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I do not as a rule like surveys such as this and tend to be against lumping people in one type of category but it is a discussion topic. However, I imagine if you're a regular watcher of fishing sites like Pier Fiishing In California you would almost automatically not be found in a couple of these groups.

A new survey and report by the American Sportfishing Association says there are seven types of U.S. anglers:s

(1) Traditionalists (11%) — All things fishing! A tradition passed down to them and they want to pass it on to others. It’s their lifestyle. Began fishing when young, are now older and more affluent, and consider themselves advanced anglers. Participate in fishing, purchase equipment, and motivated to fish.

(2) Occasional Anglers (13%)— Least motivated to fish. Fishes to satisfy a fishing goal such as landing a trophy fish. Happy with sporadic participation and will only do skills training if convenient.

(3) Friendly Fisher (16%)—Motivated to fish to connect with family and friends, spend time outdoors, or to relax. Usually beginning anglers and unlikely to fish unless invited.

(4) Consumptive Anglers (12%)—Enjoy catching fish for food, spending time outdoors, and fishing to get away and relax. Generally lower income and with minimal tackle.

(5) Social Dabblers (12%)—Fish to connect with friends or family. Low rate of participation and purchase little fishing equipment. Over 50% are female.

(6) Adventurous Anglers (18%)—Motivated for the thrill and challenge. Often fascinated by fish, wanting to know more about fish biology and habits than using that information to improve their fishing success. Not interested in fishing as a way to relax or connect with others. Second only to traditionalists in spending time and money fishing.

(7) Zen Anglers (18%)— Fish as a means to get away and relax. Not motivated to fish as a way to connect with others but don’t mind a friend or relative as company. Keeps fishing simple and convenient.


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I think i would be some kind of mix of 1, 6, 7. I have loved fishing since I can remember, dad was in the Navy, so i was on the ocean quite a bit. Most days, i’m happy just to watch the waves roll.

It may seem weird but devoting my spare time for fishing has helped me kick a very bad gambling habit.


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Not to make light of an addiction no-how but I have noticed a lot of hardcore angler friends love to gamble, too. I think it's the thrill of the chase.
I agree, I “feel” the same when catching is good, it feels like winning at cards- and losing also feels similar to the skunk- though I much rather feel skunked fishing nowadays than losing $ like a degenerate. 😁