Rock fish sp.?

Probably a grassy — but yes the gill rakers can tell — if nearly as wide as long probably a grass rockfish. Take a look below (from our fish ID page) for some color variation
Hmm... I'm not sure if it's a grassy? Isn't this a grassy in the pic below? I also caught this fish in Pacific Grove, it weighted over 5lb.+ and measured about 18"+.
Both probably grass RF. Their color patterns can vary a lot. Second one is definitely a grassy. Sometimes kelp RF are confused for grassies because they look similar.


I thought Lover's Point is in the Marine Protected Area, no fishing allowed.
If an area has a wikipedia entry with LONG/LAT info entered, you often can click a "take a virtual tool" button and it'll open up google maps with the boundaries marked for you.

For the Pacific Grove Marine Gardens SMCA specifically, someone has already done the legwork on entering in the coordinates for most (all?) of the SMR & SMCA boundaries from Vandenberg AFB north to Año Nuevo SMR:

It's a great resource and I'm surprised I can't easily find similar treatment for other stretches of coastline. Maybe I should just sit down and bash it out... :unsure:

Hope that helps!