Planning A FIshing Trip - Central CA


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Hello Guys.

I'm trying to plan out a fishing trip (surf fishing) this year.

I do not have experience fishing outside of SoCal (Santa Monica to Newport Area).

Any suggestions on place and time (month wise)?

I'm considering visiting Guadalupe Sand Dunes as that seems to be a popular spot.

Anyways your help is appreciated.



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I could help if you were going further north.. I suggest searching the old archives. As I recall, there is some good stuff there on the southern portion of the central coast. Nobody wants to talk about it anymore, but by in large, anything you find in the archives will still apply. Good Luck.


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I've had many great surf fishing experiences from the pismo pier down through the guadalupe beach area. Pismo area beaches are flat at the pier and get a little more steep at the end of the open area. Guadalupe beach very steep.
Pismo and Guadalupe are good choices as noted. To the north is the Morro Strand (north of Morro Rock) that stretches pretty much all the way to Cayucos. Decent perchin in that area. Another generally flat beach. Look for rips and troughs. Lots of coves, sandy crescents, and rocks between there and San Simeon. Bring an MLPA map to ensure you don't run afoul of the regs. The San Simeon Beach from just north of Cambria to the State Beach campground is my typical go to spot. Lots of barred surf perch, but I also get quite a few Calico and Walleye surf perch as well. I use a c-rig with 8 to 10 lb line and from 1/2 to 1 ounce of weight, and I also throw swimbaits and stickbaits as well. Soaking squid and cut bait works well for rays and rock fish in certain areas as well. Good luck!.