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Hello everyone. Been away since before the forums changed so hope you are all doing well. Was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for night-fishing locations that are drivable from Moreno Valley for just a few hours to spend on the water.

Edit: I’m looking for somewhere with inexpensive parking, and that is reasonably safe for someone out fishing alone in the dark.

Thanks all!

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As far as pier night fishing, Newport, or Balboa prob closest drive from MV, straight down the 55. Or a few mins further on pch and youre at huntington, bolsa chica. But they all close at either 10 or midnight? Not too sure on hours. For all night 24 hour fishing, the only choice really is Redondo of course thats way further, prob an extra 30-40 mins further.

As far as parking, Balboa you can find street parking for free. “Palm” street pay lot is something like $1.60 per hour. (Summer prices are more) “A” street lot is free after 6pm but is usually full. Newport pier, street parking can be found, or adjacent lot is around 2.00 hour. Huntington, street parking is plentiful, city and state lots can be expensive. Redondo has a big parking structure and i dont remember exactly how much, but i remember it being fairly cheap, or, there can be street parking found but it may be a nice walk.

As far as safety, i have never had any probs on any piers. But i would still recommend always be aware of your surroundings no matter where you go.
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Unfortunately most piers now close at 10 PM or midnight which, in the summertime, means you don't get much fishing after dark. Parking can be expensive at most but a few, including Newport and San Clemente don't charge after a certain time (6 PM I think). I think all the ones you would probably visit — Sann Clemente, Balboa, Newport, Huntington Beach and Seal Beach are safe at night. They are actually safer now than they were back in the '80s and '90s.