Happy Independence day!!!!


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Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

Tried to go fishing... Don't think that will be happening again. Drove around to various Orange County fishing points
for about an hour (after driving 90 minutes to get there) and the only place I found any available parking was the
Dana Point harbor jetty. Walked about 80% of the way to the end of the jetty and back throwing a nuclear big-hammer
swimbait for no bites. Did see one guy catch a giant jacksmet, and one other person said his son caught a micro-rockfish...
About 2 inches long he said. I also saw one rather large sheep-crab (spider crab?) pulled in. Have never personally seen
one before. Looks like a king-crab with somewhat smaller legs.

If I try to go fishing over a holiday weekend again I'm going to make sure it's somewhere excessively remote and
difficult to access. And/or I'll make sure to leave insanely early rather than just somewhat early.