Freshwater fishing in Davis/Sacramento area


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As some of you may know, I am currently going to school at UC Davis. Up until recently, I haven't had any time to fish up here because of my workload. However, now that I've finished most of my general education courses, I have significantly more free time as upper division courses are less demanding. I guess I'll stop dithering and get to the question: What are some readily accessible fishable bodies of water in the general area, and how should I be fishing them? I have never freshwater bass fished, and don't really know where to start beyond "put lure in water". Putah Creek is relatively close to campus, and is a manageable walk, but I wouldn't really know how to fish it. Any help would be appreciated.


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Putah Creek as Fishmom said is a very nice catch and release only fly fishing water that is open all year. The regulations apply between Monticello and Lake Solano dams. Artificial with barbless hooks only. American river in Sac area is also good for trout/salmon/shads. I have not fished those areas much but I have some good fishing friends calling these areas home so I can get more info if you need. Let me know!


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You will want to get familiar with the entire Sac River/Delta fishery. It can be tough to access from shore, but there are opportunities. On the positive side, it does have quality fish to offer. Plenty of info out there, including in the archives, to get you started.


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putah creek through davis is still water. You'll need to go up creek past Winters to get into trout. There is another parallel creek that has smallmouth I'm told. But you're probably closer to the delta in the opposite direction. there's also sacramento