Fishing with a drone...

Ken Jones

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We saw a guy at the San Clemente Pier who brought out a drone to use in his quest for sheephead. He said there was a reef a long ways out from the pier that contained sheephead and that he could drop his bait over the reef and if the sheephead were around have them in minutes. He had a large spinning reel loaded, he said, with 500 yards of line, and did indeed send the bait out a far, far distance. He dropped his bait but no fish. He repeated the act several times but never got a bite but he was successful in getting his bait a great distance from the pier.







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He was not too friendly, so we did not talk to him much.

His rig was not really a correct one. Bait on a swimbait.

He also said sheepshead, but I did not correct him.