Fall Stripers

Hats off to an OG. Best eating size ! Care to share catch and cook details ?

Unfortunately, I am a better catcher than cooker. Lol!

The one piece I cooked, I mixed some soy sauce, mirin, and a little fish sauce - drizzled it over and threw it in the toaster oven on broil. Actually, wasn't bad though.

I gave a lot away, to distribute and thin out the toxins.

Glad to see you out catching! Miss the old Team Shart gatherings.
Thanks, Dave! Good to hear from you.

Yeah, I've only hit the rocks less than a handful of times and nothing to write home (or PFIC) about - just a few BnYs, good eating though. Getting older and lazier.

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Haven't been fishing much, or posting reports here for a while. Plugged a hair raiser north of the bay - fishing was slow, but eked out a limit. Been a while since I limited.

Good Fishing! The Master is at work once again. So nice to see you reporting again. I understand how it is, not getting around to posting much anymore myself. I've got lots of pictures of lots of trips and just don't get it done.