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    Looks Like I am "Going Coastal" for my Vacation.........

    Would like to see some reports from Oregon, especially any surf reports.
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    Marin surf

    Unabobber, I use Gulp grubs, in pumpkinseed and motor oil red patterns almost exclusively. They work. I am sometimes tempted to use a Kastmaster, which others have noted work on perch, but I am too zoned into what works for me.
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    Marin surf

    Monday did not look very welcoming for a surf fishing expedition. It was drizzling in Oakland, and I assumed it would be as well on the Marin coast. I went anyway, trying to get an early start on the forecast 2 pm high tide. Sure enough, a good drizzle was in effect. Looking out to the horizon...
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    Catalina Get Together?

    My brother lives in Portland and with my retirement imminent I plan on visiting him more often. Regarding the red tails, can you give me a couple beaches I can head to? PM if you want. Salmon are also on my Oregon radar, but I prefer grubbing for red tails!
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    Is anyone fishing?

    Let us know how you did at Kehoe. Been years since I went there and the last few times I was skunked.
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    Is anyone fishing?

    Fished last Wednesday mid to late afternoon at a Marin beach. My usual grubbing outing yielded a couple of hefty red-tails at 11-12" and one sub-legal striper at around 16-17". Stripers are always fun to catch in the surf, and a welcome surprise. Conditions were somewhat tough with the surf and...
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    Ice fishing Wyoming Feb. 13-24, 2019 PART TWO

    You were lucky on a number of occasions. Good luck can only last so long. Be safe out there.
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    Marin grubbing

    Although the weather looked great for the weekend, my preferred tides did not. I like to fish around the high tide an hour before and the two hours following the peak. Sunday's morning high tide was predicted at 8:45, and with the beach a little over an hour from home, I did not think I would...
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    Central Coast, Sand Dollar musings

    That is a spectacular beach, one of the biggest sandy beaches on the Big Sur coast. I have not had much success there, but hope springs eternal. I will be camping in the area in early October and will definitely be hitting that beach.
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    Ice fishing Utah and Colorado…..1/2-17/2019 ….. part four:

    I enjoy your travel reports, oh yes, and the fishing too.
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    Santa Cruz Wharf pics — halibut and pink salmon

    Are Pink Salmon a type of salmon, such as Chum or King salmon?
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    Marin surf

    First post for 2019, and this being my retirement year (June), I will probably be posting more often. Saturday was the day that things lined up for a trip to the coast: tides, weather and available time. Hit the surf around 2:30, high tide was forecast for 3:30. Started out good with a few good...
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    Working Too Hard For A Skunk

    We've all had those days. And yet, we return gleefully, hopefully.
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    Life Is A Smoky Beach

    I too needed to get out of the house on Monday, and headed South to the Half Moon Bay area. The air quality was much better down there, and while no perch were around to play, I at least got out of the house and walked a good stretch.
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    Marin surf

    Took a vacation day yesterday to hit the surf. The best bet seemed to be in Marin, so there I went. I arrived at 2 pm, high tide was forecast for 4 pm. Set up a standard grubbing rig and because of the relatively high surf, the set up was on the 8.5' Lamiglass rod, with 2 oz of lead on the...