Marin surf

First post for 2019, and this being my retirement year (June), I will probably be posting more often.
Saturday was the day that things lined up for a trip to the coast: tides, weather and available time. Hit the surf around 2:30, high tide was forecast for 3:30. Started out good with a few good hits on the 2.5" pumpkin seed grub, but no takers for a while. I switch over to a 2" grub, and finally, I land an 8" BSP, back in the surf. And so it went, catching a total of 5 BSPs in the 7-9" range. It was getting late, around 4:30 and was making my trek back to the car, casting along the way. A couple other fishing folk were out still for the last half hour of light before sunset. I get a big hit, set the hook, and fight on. This was a good sized fish, so I let it run, opening up the drag. After a few good runs the fish still had strength and my light set up (7' rod, 8# test line) was a bit light to muscle the fish up the sand. Using the waves, I methodically brought the fish closer to the shore, and was able to drag it the last few yards. Big BSP, measured out to 14" and made a great dinner for my wife and me. Perch that size are not caught too often, and I usually release those that are that big, but this one came home.