Marin surf

Took a vacation day yesterday to hit the surf. The best bet seemed to be in Marin, so there I went. I arrived at 2 pm, high tide was forecast for 4 pm. Set up a standard grubbing rig and because of the relatively high surf, the set up was on the 8.5' Lamiglass rod, with 2 oz of lead on the Carolina rig to handle the bigger surf. On the first cast I was getting bit, but they were small hits from small fish and I ignored them. Heading down the beach (I was the lone fisherman) it was great to have so much room to fish. This is a popular beach and on Summer days it is hard to find room to cast with all the beach goers. Finally I landed a good sized Barred perch, around 10". I kept heading south on the beach and an hour later I had 6 perch that I had caught and released, a combination of BSP and Red-tails.
The weather was great in the Indian Summer style and no wind. After a while of not catching much, I headed back up the beach with another hour or so before sundown. I get a good hit and landed a 10 inch red-tail. I stayed at that hole until sunset, catching one after another BSP or Red-tail, and the biggest Walleye perch I have ever caught, also around 10". It had been a good long while since I had caught a Walleye and wondered where they had gone. Still around. I was hoping to catch a good sized perch to take home for dinner, but they all topped out at 10+", a bit shy of my size slot for keepers. Caught a total of 12 perch. Finally, I had to get out of there and head home. Great day perching!