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    SF Bay Area Bass Fishing Community

    Hello - just wanted to drop a note here to introduce Bay Bass and Beyond ( a forum dedicated to bass fishing in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. There are a number of great freshwater fisheries around the greater bay area, ranging from world-class lakes...
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    Any bait fish activity at the Santa Cruz Pier recently ?

    I'm also interested! Any reports appreciated. For what it's worth, I went two weeks ago and only saw a small school of anchovies moving around under the wharf; nothing like the big bait balls of last summer, yet.
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    Any recent reports from the Santa Cruz area?

    Wondering how the bite is down in the Santa Cruz area, particularly for halibut and stripers. Heard that there's been some red tide moving in and out, but was hoping for some more recent updates. Seems like a number of forums and websites have shut down or stopped posting updates, which is a...
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    Pacifica Perch

    Are there two fishing piers in the HMB harbor now? I've always only fished off the small one off the inner jetty. Did another pier open up?
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    Best bets for mid-November pier fishing

    Thanks for the tips. I've never really had luck at Oyster Point and didn't know perch was available. Hi-lo tipped with market squid in shore and next to pilings?
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    Best bets for mid-November pier fishing

    Hello, Looking to take some friends out for a pier fishing trip sometime in the next couple weeks. The fall transition is fully underway and it seems like fishing will slow down. Which piers are considered best bets during this time of year for some decent action with casual anglers? Ideally...
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    How's the red tide on the southerly beaches? I've only hit the northerly ones a couple times the last few weeks, and have run into red tide conditions every time. Did manage to scratch out one striper in the red tide though, but wow triple digit from the surf sounds beyond incredible.
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    Santa Cruz Pier

    The red tide comes and goes on a daily basis so you may have to call around for up to date info. Hit the wharf today for a bit. The anchovies are still in but are more pinhead sized. The larger ones are around but it takes a bit of work to jig them up. White croakers and small walleye/silver...
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    Monterey action lately?

    Anyone know what's hitting around Monterey lately? Heading down there this afternoon and might swing by the pier if macks/dines are running.
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    I won't be able to make it after all. Best of luck, and hope to see another successful report!

    I won't be able to make it after all. Best of luck, and hope to see another successful report!
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    Cool, I might very well join you guys out there on Monday as well, pending obligations. I...

    Cool, I might very well join you guys out there on Monday as well, pending obligations. I probably won't be able to get there until 10am though, but we'll see!
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    Fort Point, Crissy Field, Oyster Point 8/6

    Was on the hunt for my first SF bay halibut of the year. Hadn't fished the SF area for a month or so, so decided to start on the Torpedo Wharf and work my way around. Action on the wharf was slow with your usual mix of crabbers and anglers, though it seemed less crowded than the last summer...
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    Muni Pier 8/5/19

    Wow, congrats on the catch! Wish I had known about these catches earlier - I also drove an hour to the same area but on 8/6 and opted to work the Torpedo Wharf and Crissy Field areas for no action; would've tried the Muni had I known! But it looks like the tide movements were key (+/- couple...
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    Robert e Woolley pier 7/24

    I've done my fair share of plugging that entire shoreline; never caught anything, and also learned to avoid the entire area in the afternoon as winds pick up. I think the showboat and fishermen's park areas are now under construction. Last time I drove by on the 101, I saw some high rise office...
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    Skunked in South City

    Thanks for the report! If it makes you feel better, I fished the Crissy area that same day for nothing. Used a lot of the same baits/techniques/approaches as you described. I also considered fishing the same area you ended up going to, so at least your efforts didn't go to waste since it...