Fort Point, Crissy Field, Oyster Point 8/6

Was on the hunt for my first SF bay halibut of the year. Hadn't fished the SF area for a month or so, so decided to start on the Torpedo Wharf and work my way around.

Action on the wharf was slow with your usual mix of crabbers and anglers, though it seemed less crowded than the last summer weekday I was there. Plugged the end of the wharf with swimbaits at the bottom of the tide and for the first couple of the incoming, no bites. Tried for a bit inshore along the walkway and nothing there either. Didn't see any fish caught, besides some small shiners being tossed back out as live bait.

Tried the Crissy area east of the club heading towards the instrument. By now it was past mid-day and the water was tumbling and wind was rougher. Plugged the shoreline a bit, talked to a couple other anglers plugging presumably during their lunch breaks, and no action there either.

Finished out the mid-afternoon near Oyster Point at the park on the point. Wind was shift and tide was incoming, but no action after about 30 minutes. I was hoping to toss swimbaits to the deeper areas off the point, but some anglers had lines out in that direction soaking bait so I decided to call it quits.