SF Bay Area Bass Fishing Community

Hello - just wanted to drop a note here to introduce Bay Bass and Beyond (https://forums.baybassandbeyond.com) a forum dedicated to bass fishing in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. There are a number of great freshwater fisheries around the greater bay area, ranging from world-class lakes like Clear Lake, vast expansive waters like the Delta, to the many ponds, creeks, and reservoirs that line the foothills and dot the urban landscape throughout the nine counties.

In the past, there have been great online communities specifically for bass fishing in the bay area but a number of those have been shuttered for various reasons. Bay Bass and Beyond is here to fill that void, and aims to create a great place for the community to discuss and discover the wonderful fishing that is available to us.

Here's our awesome logo that tries to capture the spirit of the community:


Hope you can join us and check it out. See you on the water and on the forums!


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Good on, you for stepping into the breach with the loss of the other boards! I target all kinds of species in Northern California (Trout, Striped Bass, crappie/blue gill, surf perch, rock fish, and Salmon.) And while I enjoy catching Black Bass, and small mouth bass (mostly in the spring moths,) I don't use my boat or my time pursuing fresh water bass like true dyed-in-the-wool bass fishermen. I wish you great success with "Bay Bass and Beyond" and I hope your example will be followed by other fishermen to set up and maintain boards for those species I mentioned. The Pier Fishing In California Boards are the best rum, most well maintained boards that I have ever had the pleasure to participate in. Good luck!!