Woolsey Fire — Malibu, Wylies B&T & Paradise Cove

Ken Jones

Staff member
I got a call this morning from Ginny at Wylies B&T in Malibu. Both she and the shop survived the "Woolsey Fire" although she wasn't allowed back into the shop until this morning. Many homes were lost in Malibu but most were upshore or inland from her shop (that's located near the corner of Topanga Canyon Road). She said she was worried about the vagrants in the area since she couldn't be in the shop but apparently the police/fire department kept them under control.

I also asked her about Paradise Cove and she said it was reported to hit there but she didn't know the damage. In checking the Internet it appaears the fire came within a few hundred feet of the pier and restaurant but was stopped before it hit either.
Very good to hear Ken. I haven't been to Wylies since the 90's, but it was my go to shop for surf and pier fishing stuff when I lived in the LA area. They had darned near every bait one could think of including live sand crabs.