Winter Fishing on the Central Coast

Bait and wait with lots of wind and waves. That sums up every fishing trip I’ve made in the last two months. Also a change of bait - no fresh smelt so I’m fishing with frozen squid and frozen smelt. It was a good thing that I did bring some squid on these trips because the cabs were biting. Another difficultly was the mud. We need the rain, but... it makes getting to my fishing spots difficult because of all of the mud.

Best grassie was 17” and the best cab was 19”. Here’s how I prepared the bigger fish. Some winter comfort food. Fish chowder with a handful of shrimp

November 21 - Two grassies and a cab

November 27 - Three grassies

December 5 - Just one cab

December 10 - a grassie and a cab

December 16 - I don’t have any pictures because I donated another camera to the ocean. I got a 15” grassie and a 17” cab which became a fish curry with coconut milk that I served over rice.

12.18 curry

Fishing has been rough this winter on the Central Coast.