Where's the fish?

Ken Jones

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In the middle of doing my monthly reports and so far I haven't heard one good report. Hoping I start getting some good report since it's almost August and the water temperatures should be up and more fish should be showing up.

Some shops are closed on Monday so maybe they will all have good reports tomorrow!


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I haven’t had time to get out and fish lately, but I was in MDR yesterday- around 11am at the private MDR sportfishing bait dock, guys were catching very large spotties, barracudas less than 12”, other random fish, seemed fishing was really good and the customers got a bargain for their ticket price! Wish i had time to stop and fish for a few mins! I get too excited when i hear barracuda, so i will have to go back to the area soon! Also still waiting for bonito to hit Balboa, where are they?!
There are large Bonito being caught around Catalina and the offshore Banks. Absolutely none in the nearshore waters even though it is a beautiful deep blue with tons of bait. Have the Seiners wrapped them all up? Our nearshore Bonito usually migrate up the coast this time of year and there were tons of baby Bonito last year.


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Oceanside pier report is good, people catching Croakers and stuff, Mackerels at night, there was a 30" Halibut caught 3 days ago, Sardines starting to school up in large number. This year the Bonito are late, they coincide with the large school of baitfish being born, and tiny baitfish are not plentiful yet.

Red Fish

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It’s been very slow in the central/east Bay Area with the Northbay as probably the best. The red tide seems to be moving out now. Sharks are ever present with an abundance of bullheads and some smelt. With perch now open, walleye and black perch are being picked up. Still, halibut is slow with smaller fish being caught mostly (scale down your line size/bait). Some fall run striper should appear soon.