What's the rationale

Miles of surf real estate, you're the only one fishing, someone else shows up and starts casting within fan casting distance of where you are. Are these people just stupid, lazy or what else could it be. As someone who thinks through everything I do before I do it, these type of people baffle me. Even if I travel miles out of the way to a spot and see it's crowded, I will leave without fishing if it looks like I would be getting in the way.
I have one idea due to someone I was having a back and forth with on another forum admitting that they do this type of stuff due to some mental/personality issue where they get some type of pleasure imposing themselves on people. This person had all kinds of other stuff going on too.

Ken Jones

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There's no rationale, unfortunately such actions seem to be simply a sign of our time. There have always been people who cared little about the rights of others but the number seems to be increasing every year. It's a sign of our culture and the failure of parents to teach their kids how to act. I wish I had some great answers but I do not, all you can do is personally show good judgement and courtesy — and perhaps hope for the best.


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I think it's because the majority of humans are social primates while a few of us are rather misanthropic by nature. Since the majority
crave being crammed next to each other like sardines in a can they can't comprehend the desire to be alone so they mistake intruding
on ones solitude as a kindness rather than an imposition.
Sorry to hear it... Some people just ignore any etiquette/manners... A funny thought occurred to me, though - they say "90% of the fish are in 10% of the water". You were probably fishin' in the 10%.


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Lack of proper teaching by parents who themselves have not been thought properly.

Possible generation of kid being brought up by older but kids themselves.

What we can do is do our part in teaching the next generation the etiquette and the golden rule whenever possible.


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I think the most common case is that people are unaware of etiquette and feel lost when it comes to finding the fish in the surf. There is so much real estate to fish but the majority of it doesn't have many fish. I could see until people learn to read the structure and find the holes that they look to other anglers as a sign that there may be fish in that spot.

What I don't think is productive is to assume bad intentions before we know what the intentions are. This just creates stress within ourselves often for misinformed reasons.