We are allowed to fish.... right?

Police did not want to escalate and have to shoot one of them. They know they will not have the public's backing.
Well, I sure don't want to see anyone shot! Or arrested, for that matter. The point is, it should not come to that. It would be nice if people channeled the "better angels of our nature," as Lincoln said. Disease is not impressed with denial or defiance. Or stupidity. The selfishness of people spreads contagion, whether or not they themselves are infected. That's how viruses work. You could be a vector, escape the symptoms yourself, yet pass it on to someone else. I cannot imagine any sane person wants that on his plate. Perhaps sanity, like personal responsibility, is a hoax. Just in time for 4/1.
Yeah, the intent is to keep people at home. That's clear. To the extent that you want to exercise civil disobedience, that's up to you. I would most likely fish far away from other people given the chance, but I don't have the chance right now.
What’s there to catch in and around the bay this time of year anyway? Stripers aren’t in numbers and halibutprobably aren’t in yet. Just some catch and release perch?
I was attempting to plug for stripers and hali but no luck, kind of early. Yeah I catch and release perch just for fun and sometimes rock fish.