There is more than one way to catch fish.

Ken Jones

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Disgusting and inefficient. It's not fishing and really no different than using nets (which I never recommend unless trying to catch some bait or posibly some herring during their run). Nothing sporting going on.


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Hey Thanks for posting this.
Interesting vid for mildly informational purposes.

I have a similar backhoe and though I'd never use it for fishing, I think it's pretty goofy to see it used for that purpose. It's not in any way practical. Sorta like fishing with a bazooka. Still, within context it made me chuckle. I'd never do it but knowing someone tried doesn't turn me off. It'll never replace the ol' rod and reel. It's just a part of the broader spectrum.
In my older age, I've become less judgmental of this kind of thing. This world is a broad place and there's plenty to see before we've run our circuit. Just my opinion.
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My intention was not to promote the action by posting it.
I just saw it was different and myself never would have thought of doing it.

I too agree that it is not sportsman like, yet don't see anything disgusting about it.

When I was a kid on summer vacation in a village north of Tehran, me and two relatives used a bed sheet to catch fish in a small creek nearby.
Two would hold the sheet across the creek. One side on the floor of the creek and other side above water. The third person would scare the fish with a stick in the water coming downstream toward us. When he got to us, we would lift the side of the sheet that was under the water. If there was any fish, we would get it when the water drained from the sheet.

Long before I caught my first trout with a rod, reel and worm.


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Seems like it would be more efficient to use a net trap instead of the excavator. Clever if you are there doing something else with the excavator but expensive if you bring it there just for that. Diesel price is worse than gas now. It's not sporting but if it was somewhere rural and for food then good on them for feeding themselves. I guess as someone who fishes because they like eating fresh fish I may have a different take on it though. I'm more interested in results while maintaining the future viability of the fishery than the thrill of the catch... I've never considered fishing or hunting to be sporting but rather an activity similar to gardening or foraging. The ultimate goal is a great meal that you provided for yourself through your own effort. Calling it disgusting seems kind of an over-reaction. It's not like he was gillnetting the whole river or something and it would never be a viable way of poaching or something because of the lack of efficiency.


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I saw that. Did he have a fishing license?

If I was to guess about the backhoe driver, I would say he was on his lunch or some sort of break.

Talking about gas, how about the crew of the Catalina Flyer, who dropped passengers at the Mole and went after tuna that they saw on the way over to the island?
Thier boss was not too happy and told them not to do it again. I have seen them fishing at Avalon, but when moored during their off hours.