The Wedge 11/5


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After another set of midterms I needed to get out there. Got to the jetty at 6, I believe at the beginning of the incoming tide with moderate wind and swell. I started off throwing a 15 g jigpara and caught two large mackerel. When I switched to the splasher, I immediately hooked and landed a bonito. I continued fishing the splasher for little luck, then switched back to the jig, and promptly popped off two bones right at the rocks and landed one. For a while it was slow, but around 8, the bite picked up again and I quickly filled out my limit, two on the jig, one on the splasher. I stuck around for another hour and picked off (and gave away) two more plus a couple more big mackerel. I left at 9:20 when my knee couldn't take any more. The bones were on average 15", with another standout 17" for me, and a 20"+ for another person.

Considering my condition, this was probably the dumbest thing I've done in a while, but at least it turned out well.
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What a great morning (the injured knee, not withstanding.) With a true fisherman, if there is any way to fish, than fishing you shall go! Hope the knee continues to heal. In the mean time, thanks for the report.