Taking son fishing and crabbing early next week

I was thinking about hitting china or baker beach. Possibly the pacifica pier. Where is my best luck for some keeper crabs right now? Are these good spots to try snaring from this time of year? Just want my boy to have some success so he can enjoy fishing too.


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Both of those spots are decent for crabbing, it's a question of swell size. I'm not sure how comfortable you are with your son in the surf zone, but do keep that in mind. Better bet might be pacifica pier because at least you don't need to worry about rogue waves/surf zone problems. Draw back is that it may be more crowded. Good luck out there.
Thanks for the feedback. I am willing to go farther as well, thinking about HMB or Bodega. Anyone ever have any luck crabbing from Francis beach area? Instead of going out on the jetty at HMB. What about campbell cove or the jetty at bodega? Any input is appreciated. Thanks

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Crab netting might be a good choice if you want a good chance at crab. There’s some good spots in sf bay, such as muni pier or fort point. Rock crabs only though. Don’t know much abou bodega, but heard it’s not too bad.
I caught a keeper dungenous enough for my dinner in Half Moon Bay Harbor Pier.

I recently went crabbing Monday March 25 with not much results due to weather winds and waves as the storm rolling in. I did not mind the weather due to needing to get out of the house. After being home from work for 10 days with a hand injury and then working 4 10 hour days I found motivation to fish my first day off. I saw Matt of fishermanslife video on youtube. He went out sometime in February and got some nice dungees. I found the spot but soon found the weather waves and terrain not very safe but fished 1.5 hours.

1.5 hours Matts spot on the coast only getting undersized red rock. I was flushed out by the surf and wind.
2 hours I sought refuge in Half Moon Bay Harbor on the inner jetty pier. This is where I caught my keeper.

In the comments of the video I did hear about Dillon Beach yeilding 50 Dungees for a family. That's north of the Gate.

The spacing between wave sets breaking can crush your chances on long beaches like ocean beach. Your sons safety is more important than catching crabs seek refuge on piers from big surf. Keeping your son warm enough or dry to enjoy fishing. Limit exposure to harsh weather even if this means shortened trips. Bad decisions happen when you are over exposed as well.

916 Sac is far from 415 SF. Maybe bring a camping stove, water, 4 quart pot and side dishes. Cook your catch and enjoy before heading home that's a long drive. Transporting those crabs a long distance you may not want to cook them when you get home. If you bring some home for others buy ice.

Enjoy some well spent time with your son.
We made it out and stayed the night. Started raining on us tuesday AM but pretty light luckily. I caught a keeper monday night when we arrived so we had that for dinner. Caught the one keeper that we ate, one keeper that was pretty ugly and beat up so I threw him back, one undersized male and 4-5 females all thrown back.

No luck on the rock fish front unfortunately either. Cleared up around 1pm and the winds kicked up and we packed up and headed home. Fun trip, son loved it.