Sycamore Canyon Beach, Point Mugu


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Surf was large. I misread the 1-2 foot wind waves as being the whole swell height. Average waves seemed to be a constant barrage of 5+ foot swells that were only 2 or 3 seconds apart, constantly splashing up above the tops of my waders.

None the less still managed one solitary barred surf perch. Still too small to make a meal of but the biggest I've caught yet since I started targeting them.

The sycamore canyon campground is amazing. The sycamore trees are a sight to behold, about 40 feet tall but seeming to extend 50 or 60 feet out from where the trunk is rooted in the ground. They are very otherworldly looking specimens.

No pictures. Didn't want to risk turning my back on the sea long enough to get out the phone to snap a shot.