Silverwood Lake skunk 🦨- 01/16/21


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Beautiful day, so decided to do a little off roading and try my luck at Silverwood since there was a recent trout plant. There was a few small groups around the lake fishing, everyone properly distanced, everyone very friendly.
First off, i am not very good at freshwater fishing and i have very little patience lol. My buddy was using powerbait, kastmasters, and nightcrawlers on a Carolina, I was using swimbaits, various rattle rapala hard baits, even tried a sniper for few casts.
Fishing in water depth about 3’-15’. Using the paddle tail I finally got a taker, 2 soft strikes, 1 foot below the surface, he came unbuttoned, all I saw was an all-white bottom of the fish as he turned back to the bottom. Looked like it may have been a small striper. Kept trying for 30+ mins but no luck and moved spots near some boulders and a nice eddy.
Started casting the Rapala and almost every cast I had a pair of small mouth following the lure all the way to shore but no takers. I could sit there all day and keep casting and they wouldnt take it, just wanted to chase out of their breeding hole im guessing.
Disappointed with the skunk, even more so since we are able to see them bu no hook up 😪.

Beautiful day, perfect weather, fun trails, but no fish.
Oh well...... back to the salt, hopefully very soon!

Tried to upload some images, but it says “too large” lol
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