Shelter Island Pier

Ken Jones

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Had to rearrange my fishing plans for today and instead of fishing at the Crystal Pier returned for two early morning hours at the Shelter Island Pier. Still somewhat slow. Result: 6 rock wrasse, 3 kelp bass, 2 spotted bay bass, and 1 blackperch. All caught on bloodworms using my normal high/low rigging. Cast out, make a SLOW retrieve, and be prepared for the hits and near hits during the retrieve.

IS Pier 1 copy.jpg

SI Pier 2 copy.jpg

Spotted Bay Bass copy.jpg
Spotted Bay Bass

Rock Wrasse copy.jpg

Rock Wrasse

Male Rock Wrasse copy.jpg

Male Rock Wrasse (note the stripe)


A sargo caught by a young angler​

Ken Jones

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I bought the blood worms at Squidco, it's one of the few places that generally seems to have them. They were out when I first got to San Diego necessitating me using some old frozen bait (mussels) that I had brought from my freezer at home. I like to use worms but you can cut strips of the muscle from mussels that will work fairly good if you can't find worms. They got some worms in on Thursday and I used them on Friday. Had some left over so salted them up and frioze them when I got home. Not as good as live worms but they will work.


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Very nice! Do you eat those wrasses? I caught a ton of those at Cabrillo a few months back, i would chum with finely chopped up squid and the fish would all fly up to the surface in a frenzy. I tossed them back, never tried to cook those before. But it was tons of fun catching them

Ken Jones

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I haven't eaten them although I've talked to fishermen that have. Their opinions varied, some say good some say not so good. Sometimes you also catch the closely related senorita (the proverbial bait stealer) and though smaller they are also eaten. I've been told some senorita had an off-flavor iodine taste.


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I’ve eaten rock wrasse from ocean side pier. It actually wasn’t bad at all. Sometimes, it depends on where the fish is caught though. The meat is white, VERY similar to sheephead. I usually release them because of how pretty they are.