Shelter Island Kid's Derby 8/11/2018


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Every year in August, San Diego Sportfishing Council puts together a kid’s fishing derby on the Shelter Island pier.

The idea is to introduce young people to angling fun.

I have been involved to help with the event for many years now. I am the “bait cutter”.

Along with other volunteers, we prepare small bags of bait which is donated by Squidco Fishing.

They are very generous and always give us too much bait. They even give us shark chum that we use to attract fish to the pier.

This year I cut up a lot of leftover bait (squid, anchovies) and chum those too.

After preparing enough bait bags, along with others I walk the pier.

We mark the score the cards and tie rigs and otherwise provide help as needed to the anglers.

Below is short summery of the day:

1-I arrived before sunrise around 5:45 AM.

There were some regulars who were fishing during the night and still on the pier.

2-Not too early for this angler to be around.

Shortly after I arrived, other volunteers and regular staff started to show up.

3-I had two helpers to prepare bait bags for the anglers.

By the time the derby started, we had a cooler full of bait bags to give away. We had about 120 or so anglers attend the derby.

4-There were many volunteers and some informational groups to help and educate the young anglers.

Even the Department of Fish and Wildlife had a booth, but no picture was taken.

5-Every angler got a “goodie” bag to take home. There are many sponsors for this event.

6-Ms. Katherine Miller and her husband. She is the head organizer of this event.

Paul works very hard each year to make sure the event is successful.

7-Wherever I go to do some volunteering work, I see this character.

On the serious side, the angler above (for those who don’t know) is Mr. Wayne Kotow.

He is the Executive Director of CCA Cal. One of the hardest working anglers working on behalf of all California anglers.

You may have seen him in the CCA booth during Fred Hall Show.

At 8:30 AM, the derby commenced. I stayed in our booth to keep giving away bait bags to late comers, or the anglers who ran out.

I therefore, do not have as many pictures of fish caught this year.

8-A young happy angler is being helped by a volunteer.

The orange vest indicated to anglers who are some of the judges.

9-Mr. Tommy Gomes was there as usual. He pays his staff to come and provides free of charge tacos for the anglers and volunteers.

This time was thresher shark.

Here is a video of his business:

10-Wayne and other volunteers serving delicious taco.

At 12:30 the derby was done and the calculation of the winners started. Due to previous commitment I could not stay for the winner’s announcements.

11-At the conclusion of the derby, the harbor patrol put on a show for the kids and all the pier visitors.

I left around 1:30 PM to go the San Clemente pier.

There I was meeting and planning a trip to Baja with a friend who has a shop there.

More on that trip later.

The End.


12-Just an interesting sight, I thought.



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I didn't know the Shelter Island kids derby was on Saturday. I have friends with kids that would have attended.


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Yea, I think so. During that time, I was still having issues with my account. I just gave up and quit trying to fix it and when I came back, it worked.