Need help with kid's derby.


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Need help with the following event.

Shelter Island Kid’s Derby-----Saturday August 11th.7:00 AM t0 1:00 PM

The organizers need help with bait bag preparation and or other duties at the event. Anybody in the area who can help with this worthy cause, is surely to be appreciated.

Please help if you can. If you cannot help, but can take your kid/s to the even, you are welcome too.

Free delicious fish tacos and drinks are provided.


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Hope your derby went well! I was wondering if you still use your collapsible circular pier net, do you think it is good for landing halibut, and where did you get it. I am considering ways I can compact more and more of what I carry (while still maintaining the essentials. Thanks for any information.


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Derby was very successful. A report with some pictures coming soon.

As to the net:
I don't recall where I got it many years ago. Amazon perhaps. Skipper has one too I think.

It has a couple of problems.
One is that, the spring that is the top ring can rust if any water leaks in the tubing that incases it.
Where the two end of the tubing meet must be kept wrapped and sealed with tape to avoid water getting inside of the tube.

Because of the same tube, the net does not sink bellow the water surface to go under the fish.
I had to zip-tie some heavy sinkers in the center of the net to make it sink.

If you have no choice while traveling, it can be useful. Otherwise the regular net would be better.
I missed it too. I was in SoCal on the 11th and my niece wanted to go fishing. I'll pay attention next year. We usually take the kids to SoCal on mid August.