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I rarely post any more unless I have an interesting story or I have something to rant about.

Unfortunate to hear about the closure of Muni. I did really good there the last couple of years. The last time I had spoken with Ken Jones, I predicted that Muni was on the chopping block and I was proven right. I have another prediction: Ft. Point is NEXT.

Left the house at 4:00 a.m. to catch anchovies. CATCH, not BUY. I blame J&P Bait for contributing to the combat fishing that is prevalent in the Bay Area. I can't wait until they charge $200 per scoop. Shout out to the Berkeley/Richmond fishermen. I will ALWAYS RESPECT the guys who catch their own bait legally or guys who plug legally.

Got to my bait spot. Caught some anchovies. Not a lot, but enough for a day of fishing. ~Dozen nice ones. 3-4 inches. Big enough to catch virtually anything.

I spent the whole night looking at water clarity, water temperatures, and salinity levels and settled on one spot. I haven't fished this spot in years. The last keeper butt I had caught at this location was in 2016 at 3:30 in the morning on a frozen anchovy. First time bringing live anchovies to this spot.


Pretty uneventful morning as the tide was bottoming out. A plugger showed up close to noon and landed a nice 23-24" halibut in less than an hour of fishing. He left shortly afterwards. Great day of fishing for him. He fished for an hour and left for work with a keeper. Not much longer after his keeper, in the corner of my eye, I thought my pole had a hit. Looked at the rod tip and sure enough, the fish was munching on the bait. Munch, munch, tug, and I set the hook and up came a 23" butt. First keeper of the year. I haven't really targeted halibut much because I was focused on landing a sturgeon during the winter months. I totally struck out with the dinos, but pulled up a lot of shaker stripers in the process. This was probably only my third halibut outing.

Had another nice run a few hours before high tide in the late afternoon. I knew right away it was a quality fish. 24" striper. A fatty. First keeper of the year too. Kind of made up for the nice one I had lost at another spot about a month ago that made a run into a snag. Decent day of fishing. Hooked 6 fish totalling 50+ lbs. on 12 baits. Only 8 lbs. was worth keeping. Had one fish come unbuttoned during the hook set. The hook got straightened out. Always replace the hook after battling a big fish. Kind of tweaked my left shoulder throwing back the said fish...

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Leader: 5-foot sinker line / 8-inch line for 3-way / 19-inch line to swivel / 18-inch hook length

Leader material: 20 lb. Seaguar Invizx / 40 lb. Momoi Hi-Catch Diamond / 40 lb. Momoi Hi-Catch Diamond to a 65 lb. Spro Ball Bearing Swivel / 25 lb. Seaguar Invizx

Hook line: Double perfection loop tied to the hook and merged with an Improved Albright a la Hippo Lau.

Hook used: 1/0 Owner Mosquito

3-way: 75 lb. Offshore Angler Barrel Swivel wedged in-between Pucci beads - 5 mm and 8 mm

Bait used: Live anchovies

Amount spent on bait this year: $0

Not having to deal with rookies who crowd spots with J&P anchovies: PRICELESS

I find it laughable that a few years back someone was lecturing me that my 5-foot leader is ineffective. Yea, if I drop it straight down. Does it look like I'm dropping it straight down? F-ing idiot. Saw that same idiot recently somewhere in the North Bay and he still fishes with 3 lines...
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Ken Jones

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Thanks for an excellent report and congratulations on the fish, old school. Hope you're wrong about Fort Point but continued success and good wishes


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Thanks for an excellent report and congratulations on the fish, old school. Hope you're wrong about Fort Point but continued success and good wishes
Me too. Fort Point was my first ever time to try hoop-netting and my first ever time to catch rock crab. Was a DFW (DFG at the time) sponsored session where they taught you about snaring, hoop netting, ID, and rules of take for various types of crab inside the SF Bay. Overall a really nice day.

Ken Jones

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The information I m receiving is that the halibut bite has turned on both in the East Bay and in the North Bay at the regular spots/piers. No reports from SF or the South Bay.