Santa Cruz Wharf and Game Warden Megan

Ken Jones

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In Santa Cruz for my granddaughter's graduation from UCSC. Walked out on the wharf this morning to check out the action.



Fairly dead. Inshore, before the wharf widens, there were a few perch fishermen but I only saw a couple of smallish-size white perch.




Where the wharf widens there were quite a few halibut fishermen using a variety of baits, live shinerperch, frozen anchovies, and plastics. One man reported a short 21-inch halibut.


I did get a chance to meet Warden Megan. She was checking anglers for their numbers of rods and any illegal fish and doing so in a great manner. Talked to her and told her how we discuss this so much on PFIC — and, I gave her our thanks from PFIC.


Warden Megan


Further out on the pier I saw nothing except for an occasional kingfish.


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Santa Cruz wharf has always been one of my favorite fishing piers. IMO it's an example of a supremely well-designed wharf that hits all the multi-use functions. Retail, restaurant, fishing, and just general recreation. Good restroom access, decent parking, excellent facilities. The boat rentals (is it still there?) is something I haven't seen outside of that area (hopefully Capitola will be able to rent again someday too) which I think is just awesome. Not just boat rentals but they are designed with fishing in mind!
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Thanks for the report. I only go there to fish crab once a year in the winter. I didn't know that fishing was allowed anywhere but the end of the pier.