San Clemente Pier September 21st

Fishman Fishman

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Fishing was slow throughout the morning with a steady bite from about 6:30 through 8:30. Very slow thereafter. Fished midpier using anchovies, shrimp and mussel. Caught a variety of fish that were all released except for a legal size Sandbass.

Fish count was:

3 Sandbass.
1 White Seaperch.
1 Walleye Perch.
1 Catalina Blue aka Half-moon.
2 Kelpfish.
1 Spiny Lobster.
Several Topsmelt.

A few Spotfin croaker caught by a pier regular, a few Pacific Mackerel at the end of pier, and a legal size Cabezon caught by another fisherman.

Overall a nice morning but a slow bite around the pier. Good luck fishing 🎣.



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That's what I thought but then I began to wonder if maybe I had been misclassifying that pier and perhaps it was actually like paradise cove or the one in San Diego.. Is it crystal pier?

Ken Jones

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The Crystal Pier in San Diego DOES NOT require a license, the Paradise Cove Pier in Malibu DOES require a license since it's not a public pier.

Ken Jones

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Sorry to jump late on this, but isn't Crystal Pier private?
It is open to the public from about 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and during those hours it is considerred a public pier. To fish it at night you would need to stay in one of the cabins and at night you do need a license. It's a unique situation.