San Clemente pier - Dana Point Harbor pier

In San Clemente It seems like I caught the same fish over and over and over. It felt like that at least. I only started taking pictures the third time I caught it. Not sure what kind of perch it is. Pile perch? Let me know! Weather was beautiful. Was an awesome day to be on the pier. Then again, the worst day on the coast beats the best day in my office.

I also went over to Dana point Harbor fishing pier. Was pleasantly surprised at the lot right in front of the pier does not charge for parking. There was a repeat of the action from San Clemente at this pier as well, only with a much smaller fish. A shiner perch I believe? Please correct me if I’m wrong. it was a random time fishing, generally the action was pretty slow. Only heard about two different croakers and a lonely sand bass caught, although one croaker was quite large based on the picture I saw of the young fisherman who caught it holding it up.

It’s a picture of the squirrel eating an onion ring is just a bonus because I thought it was kind of cool.


Was about 15 feet past the bathrooms. Just an update, but the bait shop/cafe is CLOSED. It was fenced off and there was some heavy equipment inside the fence area (looked like a crane or something).