San Clemente August 8

Fishman Fishman

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Fished midpier in the early morning for a few hours. Landed a Round Ray on cut anchovy. No bites on mussel. A lot of small bait in the water. Threw out a blue and silver 18 gram metal jig. Had to hook ups - small Barracuda. Lost them at the surface.

Moved to end of pier. Caught five Mackerel, a short White Seabass and a dozen or so of Salema. Fish caught on cut anchovy. Lost a nice Spotfin croaker as I was bringing it over the rail.
Spotfin hit on mussel.

The bait balls moving around the end of pier. Used my jig again. Landed a Mackerel with it. Lost another small Barracuda.

Overall, Salema bite was steady for fisherman at end of pier. A few Spotfins caught by locals at shoreline.

Have a great weekend everyone.