Rod Holders for Pier Fishing

In "Pier Fishing in California," Ken included a tip from Ron Crandall (Ron's Tackle Tips) about the danger of leaning your rod against the railing with only the last foot extending over the top (I foolishly did this yesterday). This can break the last foot off the rod when a fish hits. The solution is instead to use a rod holder. What are some options for setting up a rod holder when pier fishing? Thanks for your help.

Ken Jones

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Some rod holders —


Shelter Island Pier​


Huntington Beach Pier


Manhattan Beach Pier

Venice.P_2009_Pier4_XX copy.jpg

Venice.P_2013_18_Angler copy.jpg

At Venice the city simply cut holes in the wood for angler's rods

Malibu_2011_1_3_R.Holders copy.jpg

Malibu_2011_1_7_R.Holders copy.JPG

At Malibu rod holders are attached to the pier.

MMD_2014_29_Rods copy.jpg

Berkeley Pier

Paradise.Park.Pier_2016.9_Rod.Holder copy.jpg

Paradise Park Pier​

Red Fish

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The one shown on Paradise Pier is the Cabelas/Bass Pro one that is like 2/$30.
You left out the ever popular Pacifica original black color and the chrome color that has been sold since the late 80’s on the pier then in Rusty Hook and Coastside. Then, there is the knock off copy chartreuse green one that has been copied and sold in stores like Bay Tackle and Rio Vista Bait. It fits most of the Bay Area wooden railed piers but only puts your rod level/perpendicular to the rail on Pacifica. I’ve got some custom made ones by a welder that made some specifically for Berkeley Pier to put your rod level to the rail (straight line) that were given to me by Jed from PFIC when he converted to kayaks only.
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Ken Jones

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A rod holder at the Pacifica Pier —

Pacifica_2014_1_11_Rod.Holder copy.jpg

Something a little different is this velcro and hard rubber rod holder. I was given one at Catalina one day by Hashem (Mahigeer) when my rod kep slipping off the railing. It worked so well that I bought a couple more when I arrived back on the mainland. I always carry two in my tackle box (they're small) and are easy to use. They will not work on every pier since the length of the velcro is fairly short but work well on piers with metal railings. Perhaps not quite as secure as regular rod holders but they are inexpensive, small and easy to carry around, and I've never had a rod go over the railing.