Semi-Universal Rod Holders

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Posted by Robin Nov 02, 2018

"I am trying to find a video or instructions on how to make a rod holder for this pier. Last time I was here, I saw several that were made
out of large clamps and regular rod holders."

Robin, what most of those guy do at Ft. Point and Muni are they clamp 18-inch Harbor Freight clamps to the railings and they clamp, or use bolts to attach (better approach), their rodholders to the clamp itself. It's not very stable, but it works. Here's my version. It's a bit bulky, but extremely stable and semi-universal. It will work at most piers with the exception to the ones that have pipe railings like Ft. Baker.

Here is the material list of what you will need:

Two 18-inch Harbor Freight clamps
One 1-inch by 1/4 inch steel bar - 36 inches long (Lowes or Home Depot)
One 5/16-inch steel rod - 36 inches long (Lowes or Home Depot)
One 2 1/2-inch nickel plated ring (Lowes or Home Depot)

Cut the bar into three pieces. Two 3 1/4" long and one 8 1/2" long.
Cut the rod into two 9" sections. Bend to 45 degrees at the 6" mark.

You will need a welder and a way to bend the rods. Message me during the winter if anyone is interested in a pair of these rod holders. You supply the materials, beer, and tip, and I will supply the final product.


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