Redondo Pier report 10-17 Saturday Night


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Goal was to try and hoop some lobsters after the sun went down- arrived at the packed pier around 4:30pm to make some macks- easily made a few dozen in less than an hour along with some giant sardines. Size 1 hook, big sardines all day, jumped up to the 1/0 and they magically turned into decent sized macks. Seemed a lot of people were having trouble catching anything, so i had a crowd around me watching pull tons of macks over the rail. I gave away a dozen sets of sabikis and some glow sticks, then i started to see some people pull some fish up.
After that, met with some buddies towards the middle hole of the pier to drop some hoops around 6pm. Ive never hooped before so i dont know how to fish for lobster, but i didnt see anyone else on the pier pulling any lobsters. We left around 11pm with no lobsters. Spent $25 on the worst fried seafood plate ive ever had from “Charlies Place”- i recommend to never go there unless you like bad overpriced food!